Am GCH Ch./Can Ch. LegaSea's Not in Kansas Anymore, JH, RN


Ch. Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard of Oz x Ch. LegaSea's Texas Tornado, JH

4/3/2010 - 11/30/2018


OFA Hips Good LR-197996G24M-VPI/Elbows Normal LR-EL54775M24-VPI

Heart Echocardiogram Normal LR-CA6158/31M/C-VPI-ECHO

Entire litter ACVO 6/15/2010 and cleared annually LR-353317

PRA Normal/Clear (Optigen)

EIC carrier (UMinn)

HNPK Clear (VetGen)

CNM Clear (VetGen)

Copper Toxicosis ATP7B Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

Full Dentition

Carries yellow

Click here for a pdf of Duke's stud packet-- FROZEN SEMEN ONLY


Click here for a link to OFA's website for Duke's clearances

Duke was a once in a lifetime dog, taken way too soon by a meningioma at the base of his brain.  He passed on November 30, 2018 after a very short period of instability.  He was an absolute JOY to live with and passed many of his qualities on to his get, and grandget.  He easily went from the ring to the field and then on to the hospital to work as a therapy dog.  He never met a person or dog he didn't love and respect.  Duke and two littermates finished their AKC championships.  He and four littermates have OFA Good or Excellent hips and clear elbows, and he and three littermates are echocardiogram cleared for heart disease (the fourth is in a pet home and was not tested).  He is third generation Ch/JH on the bitch line, all owner trained/handled to their field titles, and Duke and his dam, Twister, both finished their championships from the BBE class and his sister earned a major from the open class, but 13 of her points were owner/breeder handled. 


Pictured May 2014, 4 years of age:






Ch Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard of Oz


OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen A, EIC clear



Ch. Lobuff Hollyridge Osprey

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen A, EIC clear

Sire  Ch. Sureshot Hyspire Impressive 

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen A

Sire  Ch Windfall's Pipe Major

Dam  Ch. Janrod's Tammy Whynot
Dam Ch. Lobuff Turtle Dove 

OFA Good Hips

Sire: Ch Hirsipirtin Turtle at Lobuff
Dam Ch. Curlee Hill Lobuff Seeonee


Rocheby Replica

OFA Fair hips, Normal elbows


Lindall Galileo For Rocheby

Sire Lembas To The Moon And Back
Dam  Lindall Decoupage

Rocheby Peppermint

Sire Rocheby Navy Blue
Dam: Rocheby Polkadot
Ch. LegaSea's Texas Tornado, JH

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Carrier

Ch. Dickendall Buckstone Zane






OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Optigen PRA Clear

Sire: BISS Ch. Dickendall Arnold Sire:  Ch. Dickendall Ruffy SH
Dam:  Dickendall A-HA

Dickendall Toodaloo

Sire: Fn. Ch. Caveris Kan-Nibal
Dam: Dickendall Tiger Too
Ch. Sureshot Hyspire Born Ready,  RN, JH, WC, CGC

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Carrier

Sire: JanRod's Over Easy, WC, CGC TD

Major pointed, Specialty Winner

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Clear

Sire: BISS Ch. Dickendall Arnold

BISS Int (FCI) Am, Mex. Ch. Janneka Way's Sunny Side Up, TT

Dam: Ch. Sureshot Ready Aim Fire

GDC hips and Elbows

Ch. Raintree Slippery When Wet, JH

Kimbro's Matilija Poppy


Duke earned majors under breeder/judges Jean-Louis Blais (Chablais) and Sherry Anderson (Sher-Mi) and singles under Greg Lynch (Kellyn).  He has won bred-by classes under breeder judges Marion Lyons, Roger Orton, Guillermo Carillo, and Kendall Herr. As a special, he earned Select Dog at DFWLRC 2014 under Cheri Conway (Thornwood) and the 1st JAM at LRC Potomac 2014 under Susan Huntzinger (Riverlane) handled by Carolyn Kellerman.  In 2015, he earned Select Dog at Greater Pittsburgh LRC under Karen Helmers (Paradocs) a JAM at LRC Greater Boston (Betty Wenner), multiple all breed BOB/Selects, and a Group 4 under Liz Muthard. He finished his Junior Hunter completely owner trained/handled in 2014, his Canadian Championship in 2015 with two specialty 5-point wins under Traci Stinzcum (Buttonwood) and Barb Gilchrist (Blackthorn), as well as completing his therapy dog certification at Baylor Hospital. He started off 2016 by earning his Rally Novice title with Sara Bowdish in Buffalo, NY and is back home and training for his Companion Dog title in 2016 to round out the show/field/obedience titles.  I simply adore this boy and what he's producing!

Duke was not used at stud until he was 2 years old and his first litters are just reaching maturity. He has several daughters from different bitch lines who need a major to finish, two best/best opp in sweeps winners, a two-time specialty Winner's Bitch and two-time specialty Best in Sweeps winner, a specialty Reserve Winner's Bitch, but most of all, birdy, healthy, biddable family companions.

Pictured winning under Greg Lynch (Kellyn) the day after HOTLRC in Austin, Texas:


In his first real weekend at a dog show over Memorial Day 2011, he was RWD the first two days and WD the next two, and a BBE Group 3 one day too! 


Duke loves the ducks too and earned his Junior Hunter amateur/owner/trained and handled in October 2014!



While conformation and hunting ability are important, that unflappable Labrador temperament is the most important attribute in my breeding program. 

'Uncle Duke' loves babysitting... here he is with a friend's litter of 9 week old Airedales!



Duke has passed his therapy dog test and was the ultimate ambassador of our breed visiting patients at Baylor facilities around the DFW area!









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