Ch. LegaSea's Call to the Post, JH, RN, DJ, THDN, WC


Am/Can Ch. Shannon's Peppar Salty Dog x LegaSea's All Gussied Up, JH, RN, WC, CGC, TDI


DOB 5/2/09

OFA Hips Good LR-192813G24F-VPI, OFA Elbows Normal LR-EL50963M24-VPI

Heart Echocardiogram Normal LR-CA5012/22M/C-VPI-ECHO

Eyes cleared annually

PRA Carrier (Optigen)

 EIC Clear (Dynamin-1 genotype N/N, University of Minnesota

HNPK Clear (Vetgen)

Copper Toxicosis ATP7B Carrier/ ATP7A Carrier (Pawprint Genetics)

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Yellow carrying chocolate (Vetgen)

Long coat carrier

Full Dentition

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Bugle is affectionately known as "Bugle McDougall" or just "Mr McDougall" around the house but his name comes from a horse racing theme, as his litter was born on Derby Day.  Bugle was a short backed stocky pup that reminded me of the bugle boy whose horn calls the horses to the post.  Since he'd been calling my attention from day one, the name fits him perfectly!  I just adore this boy.  He has never had a bad day and he lets everyone know it with a permanent smile on his face.  Bugle is a big boy with nice bone and a happy-go-lucky temperament.  Like a typical Labrador, he's never met a stranger and his tail rarely stops wagging!  Bugle finished his American Championship with back to back majors on July 2-3, 2011.  He earned his Junior Hunter title all owner-trained and handled on September 20, 2014-- he LOVES the birds as much as his mother does!  Bugle earned his Dock Junior title in June 2014, while his mother, sister, and son all earned their Dock Novice titles.  As a regular therapy dog at Baylor, Bugle has earned the Therapy Dog Novice title and continues to visit and will earn additional titles as we reach visit milestones.  If he could drive himself, he'd be there every day-- but he relies on me to get him there and my time is limited!

Pictured below at almost 3 years of age:



Pictured below at 10 months:



 Below at 6 months:


Salty's mother's brother (BISS Am/Can Ch Shannon Valley's Beauregard) was bred to Salty's father's sister (Shannons Absolut Citron) to produce BISS Am/Can Ch. Shannons Absolut Mandrin  Mandra reminds me so much of Gussie that I thought I'd try this outcross, type-to-type breeding!


Am/Can Ch.
Shannon's Peppar Salty Dog

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Cardiac Clear, Optigen A



Am/Can Ch.
Shannon's Absolut Peppar

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows


Ch. Guideline's Gant 

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows

Sire  Fieldvalley Fabianco

Dam Guidelines Mondi
Lobuff's Absolut Necessity

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows


Sire: BISS Ch. Lobuff Bare Necessities
Dam Lobuff's Sundown at Kerrymark

Ch. Shannon's Sister Christian

BOS at Westminster to her full brother, Ch. Shannon Valley's Beauregard

OFA Fair hips, Normal elbows

Ch. Ridgeview Bugs Bunny

OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows

Sire Ch. Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall
Dam  Ch Ridge View Bleu Bunny

Shannon's Brother's Keeper

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows

Sire Ch. Borador's Significant Brother
Dam: Valleywood Mystic
LegaSea's All Gussied Up, RN, JH, WC, CGC

OFA Excellent hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Carrier

Ch. ShadowGlen's Augustus, CDX, JH, RE, CGC, WC, TDI

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Clear

Sire: BISS Ch. Borador's By George

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Optigen PRA Clear

Sire: Ch. Lenches Gallivant
Dam: Ch. Deer Runs Sweet Caramel Cream
Dam: Ch. ShadowGlen Dunraven, UD, JH, RE, CGC, WC, TDIAOV

OFA Good hips, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Clear

Sire: Ch.Hunt Club Milo
Dam: ShadowGlen's Willet, CDX, CGC, TDIA
Ch. Sureshot Hyspire Born Ready,  RN, JH, WC, CGC

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Carrier

Sire: JanRod's Over Easy, WC, CGC TD

Major pointed, Specialty Winner

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Clear heart by echocardiogram, Optigen PRA Clear

Sire: BISS Ch. Dickendall Arnold

BISS Int (FCI) Am, Mex. Ch. Janneka Way's Sunny Side Up, TT

Dam: Ch. Sureshot Ready Aim Fire

GDC hips and Elbows

Ch. Raintree Slippery When Wet, JH

Kimbro's Matilija Poppy

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!  Like his mother, Bugle LOVES his ducks! 

First training day..............................................   and partying afterward!

?ui=2&view=att&th=124eb42fc623b733&attid=0.1&disp=attd&realattid=ii_124eb42fc623b733&zw  ForcedFetchEberhardtStyle.jpg

At five months:


Bugle at 6 weeks:

Bugle's son Ch. LegaSea's Couldn't be Easier, JH "Cinch", out of BeBe:

Bugle's son Tony, out of Chamois:









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