November 2014:  I finally got Duke in for his therapy dog test and he passed so he's now a part of Baylor's Animal Assisted Therapy team.   We made the decision to retire Halle from volunteering now that she's 10 and so Twister, Duke and Bugle are all Champion/Junior Hunter/Therapy dogs, following in the pawprints of Diva and Easy, who didn't earn his CH/JH but was one of the best therapy dogs there was!

October 2014:  BeBe was WB/BOS for 2 more points under Charlie Olvis (the major broke by one!) , while Cinch and Duke earned their Junior Hunter titles!  Next spring it will be the girls' turn to run hunt tests!

September 2014:   Bugle earned his titling and a bonus leg on his Junior Hunter at Sooner Retriever Club while cousin Duke earned his first leg!  Proud that my champion boys are keeping the 'retriever' in the 'labrador'!!

July 2014:  BeBe was WB/BOB the first day and WB/BOW the second, while Cinch was WD both days and Duke was BOS both days at Longview to finish Duke's AKC Grand Championship!  That brings BeBe to 9 points and Cinch to 6 with limited showing, just in time to blow coat for the summer!

June 2014: We took a stab at dock diving and had a blast!!  North American Diving Dogs (NADD) is now AKC recognized so Bugle became the very first Champion Labrador to earn his Dock Junior title, Twister became the first Champion female to earn a Dock Novice title!  Her daugher Covey also earned a Dock Junior, while Gussie, Cinch and Julep earned Dock Novice, along with Gussie's daughter Kizzy and her son Risky, and Dapper's son Jack, and Julep's son Gibbs!  What a fun activity!!

May 2014: Bugle earned his third leg on his JH while BeBe was WB both days at the Marshall show-- the two were 12 miles apart so I handled them both!!

April 2014: Twister won Best Brood Bitch/Best Hunting Retriever and a JAM at the DFWLRC specialty while her son Duke was Select Dog one day!  And to top it off, the next week Duke went to the Labrador Retriever Club of Potomac's specialty in Maryland and earned the 1st JAM under Susan Huntizinger with Carolyn Kellerman handling!  

March 2014: Twister won BBE/WB/BOS to finish her championship under Liz Muthard, while her son Duke won BOB, grandson Cinch was WD/BOW and son Judah was RWD in Oklahoma!  What a day!  And to top it off, Cinch, Covey, and Judah all passed their echocardiogram clearances the same weekend.

October 2013:  Duke won BBE/WD and BOS to finish from the Bred-By class under breeder judge Sherry Anderson and Bugle earned 2 legs on his JH this month!

January 2013:  BeBe is expecting her first litter sired by Bugle... and later that week Julep is expecting her second and final litter by a son of our Dapper!  Black and yellow pups expected in each litter!  We lost both Dapper and Easy in 2012 and are excited to see the pups from these two loose-linebreedings on Easy!

October 20, 2012:  Duke won BBE and WD/BOW/BOB for his first major under breeder-judge Jean-Louis Blais at the DFWLRC supported entry in Belton, Texas!

June 2012:  Duke won BBE and WD/BOW for another point under Bob Slay at Oklahoma City;  sister BeBe was RWB, while brother Judah completed his RA, and then moved up and finished his RE title in the following three days!!   Meanwhile, 'cousin' Jack and owner/handler Barbara Eberhardt earned their second leg in Open obedience.  Duke won BBE and WD/BOS for 2 points under Edd Bivin at Texarkana KC;  sister BeBe won Open!  And brother Judah (LegaSea's Courageous Lion) and owner/handler Linda Smith earned his second CD leg, and the next day finished his title!!  Way to go, Judah and Linda!  Mylo was second in Open Yellow at the Greater Boston LRC specialty both days under breeder/judges Sherry Anderson (Sher-Mi) and Pierry McClean (Castlegar). 

May 2012: Judah (LegaSea's Courageous Lion) and owner/handler Linda Smith earned his first conformation point at Caddo Mills!  That's the third littermate to be AKC pointed!

January 2012Twister (LegaSea's Texas Tornado, JH) blessed us with a healthy litter of seven puppies, so we're sitting out the spring shows to care for the next generation.  We'll be back as soon as the pups are vaccinated!  Dakota (LegaSea's North by Northwest Dakota, co-owned with Dava and Jim Carson) started off the year with a bang by earning a 4 point major at Nolan River KC!

November 2011: Duke won BBE and Twister was fourth in BBE at Spirit of St Louis LRC under breeder/judge Kendall Herr (Dickendall).

October 2011: Duke finally broke through and won BBE and went on to win Winner's Dog for two points under breeder/judge Greg Lynch (Kellyn) at Travis County KC!  Twister was third in BBE, and BeBe won the American Bred class.  I'm very proud of the 'kids' and their consistent placements under breeder judges this month.   Three dogs were breeder/owner handled at the HOTLRC specialty show under breeder/judge Guillermo Carillo (Tequilalabs) and all three were first or second!  Duke won BBE, Twister was second in BBE, and BeBe was 2nd in American Bred.  Twister was unopposed in Brood Bitch, and her good friend 3 year old Avery Mansfield handled her for me!  Thanks, Avery! :)   The dogs had another nice breeder/owner handled show at the Belton KC show under judge Helen Dorrance.  Duke won BBE and RWD, Twister was second in BBE, Chamois was 2nd in Open Yellow, BeBe won Open Black and was WB for a 3 point major at just 18 months of age.  Now both of Twister's kids, Duke and BeBe, are on their way to their championships!!!  Another busy day showing dogs!  Every LegaSea entry was breeder/owner handled to first or second at Stephenville KC show under breeder judge Marion Lyons (Chocorua).  Duke won BBE, Twister was 2nd in BBE, Julep won American Bred, BeBe was 2nd in Open Black and was RWB to the 4point major, and Chamois was 2nd in Open Yellow.  No points, but a nice showing at a large entry under a respected breeder-judge The whole LegaSea gang made me proud at the Tyler KC show under breeder judge Sherry Anderson (Sher-Mi).  I was busy showing all the dogs and am grateful to my co-owners for their ringside help!  Duke won BBE and was RWD, Dakota was 2nd in Open Yellow, Twister won BBE and was WB/BOW, Julep was 2nd in American Bred, BeBe won Open Black and was pulled for Winners, and 8 year old Dapper was BOS for his first Grand Champion points!

July 2011Dakota (LegaSea's North by Northwest Dakota, co-owned with Dava and Jim Carson) picked up another point at Longview KC by going WD/BOW/BOB over a special from the BBE class under Sidney Marx. Bugle picked up his back to back majors to finish at Oklahoma City under Barbara Alderman and Keke Kahn with handler Erin Webster.  Thanks Erin!

June 2011:  Brother/sister team Duke and BeBe were RWD/RWB at Texarkana, both from BBE

May 2011:  After two days of RWD, Duke picked up his first two points under Doug Johnson by going WD/BOW/BBE and went on to a BBE Group 3!  He followed up the next day with WD/BOW for another point!  He's on his way!

April 2011: BeBe (Twister/Wizard) won her large 12-18 month bitch class at DFWLRC under Jill Ickowski!

March 13, 2011:  Angus finishes his Senior Hunter title.  Congrats to owner Susan Raney and handler/trainer Cheri Bates!

October  2010:  Diva won the 9-11 Veteran Bitch class and a Judge's Award of Merit under Lisa Weiss at the Heart of Texas LRC!  This was an especially memorable win, as she passed away 3 weeks later from an aggressive mammary tumor that went undetected.  I will treasure this win and this day with her in the ring strutting her stuff! Bugle earned 2 points each day by going WD/BOW each day at Stephenville, KC with handler Erin Webster from the 12-18 month class!  We are especially pleased that the October 21-22 he was also BOB and the win on the 22nd was under breeder-judge Sherry Anderson (Sher-Mi). Thanks Erin!  That brings Bugle to 8 points toward his championship!

October 17, 2010: Kizzy (Gussie's daughter by Travis) earned her CDX and GN today. Congrats to owner/trainer/handler Michelle Ragsdale and Kizzy for a job well done!

March 7, 2010: Kizzy (Gussie's daughter by Travis) was HIGH IN TRIAL in her first obedience show today with 112 entries, including lots of OTCH dogs!  She earned a 197 in Novice B under Helen Smith, got her first CD leg, and took first place!  Congrats to owner/trainer/handler Michelle Ragsdale and Kizzy for a job well done!  Not bad for her first time out......

November 29, 2009:  Twister was WB/BOW for two points from BBE under Doug Johnson at Conroe KC, bringing her total to 10 points and one major, all from BBE!


November 21, 2009:  Bugle earned his first two championship points from the Bred By class at age 6 and a half months, under Mrs. Robert Smith at CenTex, whilst Twister was Reserve (again!) from BBE.  Caviar, handled by Betsy Arellano, earned her second leg on her CD, and Angus with owner/handler Susan Raney earned his final leg on his Rally Advanced title!!


October 18, 2009:  Caviar's sister Chamois earned her first point at Bell County KC!  Congrats, Judy and Lee!!


October 11, 2009:  Caviar earned two points at Tyler KC with Erin Webster handling while I was on an overseas business trip-- thanks, Erin!


September 26-27, 2009:  Aria earned her first and second CDX legs at Hot Springs KC!


September 20, 2009:  We are proud of one of the Gussie/Travis pups, LegaSea Serendipity at Eladsgar, RN, NA, Kizzy, and owner/handler Michelle Ragsdale for earning her NAJ title and first place!


July 26, 2009:  Jack earned another point toward his championship by going WD/BOW/BOS and his cousin Caviar was WB for her first point under Dana Massey.  Twister was RWB-- not bad for the LegaSea crew!


July 25, 2009:  We are proud of one of the 14 month old Diva/Fooey pups, LegaSea North by Northwest Dakota, "Dakota" and owners Jim and Dava Carson for earning his first point in his first show at Longview!   Also on this day, in Houston, one of the Gussie/Travis pups, LegaSea Serendipity at Eladsgar, RN, earned her UKC Championship by going Group 2!  Congrats Kizzy and owner/trainer/handler Michelle Ragsdale!


July 3-5, 2009:  Twister's performance in conformation started the fireworks early on the 4th when she earned her first major from BBE under Doug Johnson!!!


June 28, 2009:  Twister went Reserve to the major at Mid-Tinker KC in Oklahoma City under Marjorie Martorella from BBE.


May 2, 2009:  Gussie had six healthy pups by Ch Shannon's Peppar Salty Dog!!!


April 12, 2009:  Caviar earned her final JH leg!!!


April 4, 2009:  Congrats to Jack for earning his CD with owner/handler Barbara Eberhardt, Angus and owner/handler Susan Raney for earning his first CD leg and 2 RA legs, and Twinkletoes and handler Betsy Arellano for earning her first leg on her RN with 36 hours' training!! Mom and Jack, with their ribbons are pictured below:



March 29, 2009:  Twister earned her JH and Caviar got another leg toward her title-- one more to go!


November 9, 2008:  Congrats to Melody and the Mansfield family on her first point and thanks to Erin Webster for handling her for us!


October 24-25, 2008: From the ring to the field... after winning the BBE class on Saturday and placing 2nd in Am Bred on Sunday, Angus and owner/handler Susan Raney picked up two more legs on his JH!  Angus' sister, Melody, won the Am Bred class on Sunday, and Twister won the BBE Bitch class both days!! 


October 23, 2008: Congrats to Diva her daughters for another great showing at HOTLRC under Clare Senfeld! 

Diva got a JAM, Best Veteran, Best Brood Bitch, and Best Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes. 

Her daughter Gussie won Open Yellow; her daughter Halle won Am Bred (for the third year in a row);

her daughter Twister won BBE Bitches and Best Bred By, her grandson Angus won BBE Dogs and her granddaughter Melody was 3rd in Am Bred!  


May 3-4, 2008: Heart of Texas RC Hunt Test:  Jack and Dapper both earn their fourth JH leg and TITLE!!!  Twister earned her third leg!!

Father and son pictured, each with their final qualifying ribbon and title ribbon!!

Easy came for a ride to enjoy the day and cheer on his son and granddaughter-- the apple doesn't far fall from the tree!!


April 28, 2008: Tejas LRC Hunt Test:  Jack and Twister each earn a leg on their JH!!!


April 20, 2008: DFWLRC Hunt Test, Day 2, Jack and Angus each earn a leg on their JH!!!


                                Jack, Twister and Angus with their ribbons:               



April 19, 2008: Carmen earned her JH at the DFWLRC Hunt test!  Congrats to her half-sister,  Lolee, who also titled on the same day!! 

Also, earning legs were Twister, Jack, and Dapper!!!

Twister (1 leg), Jack (2 legs), and Dapper (1 leg) with their ribbons from the weekend: 


March 22, 2008:  Gussie's son, Angus, was RWD at Fort Worth KC from 9-12 month puppy dogs class!  Congrats, Susan and Angus!


February 10, 2008:  Two of Luxy's pups (Easy's grandbabies) have come home to Texas...


LegaSea's Champagne Wishes and LegaSea's Caviar Dreams are right at home already... Halle snuggles with baby "Caviar"...

And Easy snuggles with baby Chamois...


January 27, 2008: Twister picked up another point from BBE under Edd Bivin at Abilene KC and Jack was RWD.  Mr. Bivin gave Diva two points when she was about the same age!!


January 26, 2008: Aria's puppies are 5 weeks old and getting cute!  Check out our puppies page for more pictures!!!


January 19, 2008:  Easy, Diva, Gussie, Halle and Twister all passed the Therapy Dogs International (TDI) exams (and CGC for Gussie, Halle and Twister, who didn't have it before) without any training at all!  Easy and Diva had been previously certified, but I let the membership lapse so they had to re-certify.  The dogs and I will soon be visiting local nursing homes and hospitals!!


November 24, 2007:  Jack earned his second major today at Cen-Tex KC!  Twister went Reserve to the major from BBE and Gussie's daughter Melody won the Puppy class (6-12 months) and her brother Angus was second in 6-12 month puppy dogs.


October 27, 2007:  Jack earned his first 4 point major today at Travis County KC from 12-18!!!!  Dapper celebrated his son's major by earning his first leg on his JH!!!  Twister and Jack didn't pass, but had nice marks nevertheless!



October 26, 2007:  This year's HOTLRC was a success again!!  Twister was Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes, Melody was 2nd of 11 in 6-9 puppy bitches, Twister was 3rd in 12-18 bitches, Jack was 2nd in 12-15 month sweeps (behind the Best in Sweeps winner) and 3rd in 12-18 dogs, Gussie was 3rd in BBE, Halle was 1st in Am Bred, Diva earned one of three JAMs and was Best Brood Bitch!!


October 21, 2007:  Jack earned his first point from 9-12 puppy dog class today at Fun-Tier KC in Belton!  Happy early Birthday, Jack!


September 22, 2007:  While in Atlanta for the dog show, we got to visit with Bonus at Lake Hartwell!  Here are some of our favorite pictures! 

Bonus, Diva, Halle and Twister (Diva with three of her get)


Diva and her Champion son...



Twister could get used to life on the lake!!

DSC02374.JPG DSC02407.JPG



September 21, 2007:  Diva was BOB over two Top Ten ranked dog specials under Liz Muthard at the Douglasville KC show!  Her daughter Twister was 2nd in BBE and her daughter Halle was first in American Bred with 47 bitches entered!!

Diva in the Group ring with Erin:

The day after she defeated the #1 Lab in the country, Diva got to have a little fun instead of competing in the ring...



July 14, 2007:  Twister was Winner's Bitch and Best Opposite Sex from BBE at San Antonio KC under Paula Nykiel for another point today!  [And just when I got her stacked right with the tail out, they threw the toy so she'd pull up and ruin her rear!! :( ]


July 8, 2007:  The 14 month old brother-sister team of Twister and Buddy each picked up two points today under Margaret Heaney at Texas KC!  Twister was Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex~ these are Twister's first points and are from the Bred By Class!


June 17, 2007:  Aria minored out by earning another point under Nancy Simmons at Texarkana... just one more major and she'll be a Champion!


June 2, 2007:  Aria brings home the honors from the DFWLRC's Annual Awards!  She is the 2006 Agility Bitch of the Year, 2006 Obedience Bitch of the Year, 2006 Service Bitch of the Year and earned a Lifetime Achievement Award!  We also received new title plaques for Diva, Ole, Gussie and Dapper for their successes in 2006!!


May 25 and 27, 2007:  Aria earns five more points at Muskogee Kennel Club and Seminole Kennel Club.  Thanks to Erin McClurg-Webster and Becca Geer for handling her!


April 28-29, 2007:  Ch LegaSea's Icing on the Cake earned two more legs on his JH this weekend to earn his title and an extra leg!  Congrats, Patti and Bonus!


April 14-15, 2007:  Ch LegaSea's Icing on the Cake earned two more legs on his JH this weekend... only one more to go!  Congrats, Patti and Bonus!


March 24, 2007Aria earns her first major at Texas Kennel Club.  Thanks to Erin McClurg-Webster for handling her!


February 24-25, 2007 Woo hoo!!  O and Luxy's (Dapper's sister) one year old daughter, Safari's Design By Luxury, "Halston", passed the Junior Hunter test both days at Big D and titled!!!!!  Congrats to Stephanie and Halston-- she has her Daddy's jumping gene!!!



February 18, 2007Diva earned a JAM and won the Best Hunting Retriever Challenge Trophy at the San Diego LRC's Annual Specialty under Lisa Nolechek (Lobuff)!!  Pictures by Taylor Edmisten-- thanks, Taylor!


February 17-18, 2007 O and Luxy's (Dapper's sister) one year old daughter, Halston, passed the Junior Hunter test both days at Rose Country LRC!!  We are proud to have co-bred this litter with such nice working drive!!!  Pictures coming soon!!


February 3, 2007Diva passed her fourth Junior Hunter test at the Coastal Bend Retriever Club of Texas to earn her JH title!!!


January 13, 2007: Buddy (Twister and Sissy's brother) has started his show career!!  At 8 months of age, he was WD under Michael Faulkner for 2 points at Texas Kennel Club from the 6-9 puppy dog class!!  Congrats to Buddy and the Syrquin family!!  Pictures and his own web page coming soon!!!  His sister, Twister won the BBE Bitch class and Halle was second in American Bred!  Diva's kids are following in her footsteps!


January 7, 2007: Aria started the year off winning the large Open Yellow class and going RWB to a major under Bud DiDonato at the Nolan River KC.


November 11, 2006: Aria and Twister had a good day at the Cypress Creek Kennel Club show in Houston!  In Twister's first show ever, she was Best Puppy and RWB to her half-sister, Aria, who was WB under Lorraine Bisso!!


November 4-5, 2006Gussie and Diva passed the Junior tests at the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club this weekend!  As a result, Gussie is a new Junior Hunter in 5 for 5 tests (an extra pass doesn't hurt!)!!  And Diva is 3 for 3, as she was out being shown during the Bryan/College Station weekend!  Unfortunately, it was the last test of the season, so Diva will have to wait until February 2007 to try for her last leg!


October 27, 2006: At the Heart of Texas LRC Specialty, under breeder/judge Jill Ickowski, Diva was WB for her finishing points!!  Her daughters did well too-- Gussie was 2nd in BBE and Halle won the American Bred class!!!   Thanks again to Erin for showing Diva so beautifully!


October 21-22, 2006Gussie got her second and third JH legs with her friend/trainer Cheri Bates at the Bryan/College Station Hunt Tests!!  Thanks, Cheri!!! 


October 13, 2006Diva, Gussie, and Bonus each get a first JH leg at the National!! 

As a result, they each earned the Dog For All Reasons award for competing in conformation, rally and the hunt test!!

Patti with Bonus and Carrie with Gussie and Diva


October 13, 2006Diva takes Best Of Winners at the LRC National under Connie Barton!  Thanks, Erin!!

Handler Erin McClurg with Diva


October 12, 2006Diva takes Winner's Bitch at the LRC National under Virginia Lyne for a 5 point major, with Erin McClurg handling-- thanks, Erin!!!  And then, she won the Brood Bitch class under Connie Barton with Bonus and Aria behind her! 

Carrie with Aria and Diva and handler Anthony Cantor with Bonus


In the ring together...


Handler Erin McClurg and Diva pose for a picture

In the performance rings, Aria finished her CD, got a leg on her Open Agility title, and a leg on her Rally Advanced title, both with 1st place honors too!!!  Aria was the first of our crew to achieve the Dog For All Reasons award!  Congrats, Mom!!

My mom, Barbara Eberhardt, with Aria and her ribbons and plates-- Dog for All Reasons

October 11, 2006:  First Day of the LRC National, Gussie and Diva each got their third leg and Rally Novice Titles!!  Thanks, Mom!!  And Bonus gets a leg on his Rally title!


October 1, 2006Aria got her second leg on her CD, was 1st in Rally Novice, and Gussie and Diva each got their second leg on their Rally Novice Titles!!  Gussie was also WB from BBE in conformation!

My mother, Barbara Eberhardt, in the obedience ring with Aria

September 30, 2006Aria got her first leg on her CD, was 1st in Rally Novice, and Gussie and Diva each got a leg on their Rally Novice Titles!!  Aria was also RWB from Open in conformation earlier in the day!


September 24, 2006Aria finished her Rally Novice title!! 


September 2, 2006Gussie earned her first point today from BBE by going WB/BOS under Elliott Weiss at the Monroe, LA cluster!!! 


August 27, 2006Aria finished her Novice Agility title!!  The first day of the trial, she Double-Q'ed with a 2nd in Standard Novice and 3rd in JWW Open, and the second day she Q'd with a clean run and 2nd place in Standard Novice to finish her title-- on to Open at the Nationals in October!!

Aria over the broad jump in agility


August 20, 2006Dapper's yellow sister in California, Muzungu, has yellow puppies by Ch. Langshott Gale Force from Kimvalley.  There are two beautiful yellow males available to pet homes on limited registrations for $900.  Email Wendy Arnold at for more information.


Here are some professional pictures of the litter taken by Valerie Tabor-Smith:


August 19, 2006 ~~ Bonus had his finishing party today... I wish I could have been there!


Handler and friend, Anthony Cantor with Bonus at his finishing party!  Patti offers the boy a sip of champagne, but he would like his steak!


August 6, 2006 ~~ Day Five of the circuit, Bonus was BOB again at New River Valley KC, under Frank Sabella. 

What a weekend-- He finished the first day, and was BOB 4 out of 5 days, with the only other day being BOS!!



August 5, 2006 ~~ Day Four of the circuit, Bonus was BOB again, under Paula Hartinger!!!


August 4, 2006 ~~ Dapper earns his fifth major and finished his AKC Championship by going WD/BOW, and Bonus was BOS under Roger Hartinger!  Congrats to Dapper's breeder/co-owner, Faith Mantooth, on her first homebred Champion!!

And to top it all off, Dapper's first litter arrived today in California-- Congrats to Pearl and her puppies!!


August 3, 2006 ~~ At the same circuit in Salem, VA,  Dapper took WD/BOW for another 3 point major (his fourth!!) and Bonus was BOB under Annie Rogers Clark!!!  Bonus made it to the final seven in the Sporting Group under Christina Hubbell, but no placement this time...

not bad for a 21 month old!

 Easy is at home basking in the sun, as we tell him about his son and grandson's accomplishments!


August 2, 2006 ~~ Bonus finishes his AKC Championship with his third major by going BOB over specials under Everett Dean, Jr in Salem, VA!!!!  Congrats and Thank You to Patti and Larry Simmons, and Anthony Cantor for finishing him! 


July 29, 2006 ~~ Bonus gets his second MAJOR (4 points this time!) in Greenville, SC by going Winner's Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex under Betsy Horn Humer!!!  Congrats to Patti, Larry and Bonus-- only 1 single to go!!


June 3, 2006~~ Bonus gets his first MAJOR in Pinehurst, NC by going Winner's Dog under W. Everett Dean, Jr, who gave him RWD to Dapper last fall!!!  Congrats to Patti, Larry and Bonus-- only 5 points to go!!


May 21, 2006~~ Gussie and Maisie earn their WCs!!  The girls had a blast in the field and did great despite the lack of training over the past few months!


April 28th and 29th~~  Aria and Diva whelp their pups!!  None are available at this time.  Please see our puppy page for updates!!


April 16, 2006~~ O returned to France today with his owner, Anne-Charlotte.  It was quite the bittersweet week for all who loved him in the US, but I feel so privileged to have shared my home with him for 14 months. 

Here are some pictures of him taken in Washington, DC with Carrie and AC prior to departure.


                     Ole with his American "mom", Carrie                                   and with his French real mom, Anne-Charlotte


April 12, 2006~~  Almost a week after the expected due date, one black male sired by O was whelped out of a chocolate bitch in Canada!!!  Faith free whelped all 22 ounces of him 67 days after the last chilled semen breeding and after an x-ray confirmed no puppies!!

Congrats to Lisa Brown for her surprise puppy!!!


March 19, 2006 ~~ O earned his fourth leg of his JH and therefore titled at Waterloo Retriever Club today!!!  A spider bite between his toes kept him out of the Saturday test, but the true athlete that he is, he healed up quickly and was ready to go on Sunday morning and passed with flying colors!!!  Congrats to our training partners and friends, Susan Malone (with Annie and Scout) and Billy McCord (with Shiner) for titling their dogs this weekend too!



March 6, 2006 ~~ O picked up another leg on his JH with "aunt" Susan Malone handling him, while Carrie was in France visiting Anne-Charlotte and O's extended family!  Thank you, Susan and Richard, for welcoming him into your home and handling him for me-- one more to go!!


February 25-26, 2006 ~~ At the Atlanta Specialty show, Dapper was 4th in Open Black under David Hopkinson, Bonus was 4th in 12-18 under Marion and David Hopkinson and 2nd in 15-18 sweeps under Laura Reich, and Gussie was 2nd in 15-18 sweeps under Laura Reich!

Carrie and Dapper in the ring, left; On the right, Uncle Bill and Aunt Michelle hold the dogs for me during a lunch break-- Easy watches the Burger King bag, while Halle, Dapper and Ole keep an eye on me!


February 18-19, 2006~~ O and Carrie survived the cold weather as O as earned his first two legs of his JH this weekend, at the first hunt test weekend of 2006!  Congrats to our friends Susan Malone, Angie Becker, Kay Scott and Billy McCord (pictured below) for their qualifying runs too!!


February 11, 2006 ~~ Aria completed her Novice Agility Jumpers and Weaves title today with a first place and clean run, and just in time, as she came in season just three days later!  She'll be bred this season and will be back in the agility ring to compete in Open after maternity leave!!


February 3-4, 2006~~ Bonus picked up four more points by going Winner's Dog at Sawnee Mountain KC and Conyers KC in Atlanta, Georgia under Houston Clark and Dana Cline from the 12-18 month class.  He's pictured below in the Breed ring on Friday...


January 22, 2006~~  O has sired his first litter in Canada!  Congrats to Sherri Lazaruk and Sheril Dube and their girl "Abby" on the birth of her 6 puppies.  She has 4 black dogs, 1 black bitch, and 1 yellow dog. 

Here are the proud parents, Ole and Abby, pre-breeding:                             And their day-old babies:                       



January 14, 2006~~  O and Luxy have TWELVE survivors born today-- We have 4 yellow bitches, 4 black bitches, and 4 black dogs.  Visit the Luxy x Ole puppies page for contact information.  This litter is being raised in California by Luxy's co-owner and breeder, Faith Mantooth, Safari Labradors.  Luxy and pups are pictured below at 1 week of age!


January 8, 2006~~  Check out Olé's page to see some pictures of his kids... a sneak peak:


January 7, 2006~~ O is back in the ring, and "owner" handled earns BOB over seven specials under Marjorie Martorella and then Sporting Group IV under Arlene Davis at the Nolan River KC show in Glen Rose, Texas! In the breed ring, Diva also won her large Open Black class! 

The final line up in Group...

January 6, 2006~~ O's first US-born chocolate puppies were born today!! Congrats to Madeline Hill and her bitch, Salona Hills Sky's The Limit on the birth of her 11 puppies!! She has 3 Chocolate Males, 2 Chocolate Females, 4 Black Males, and 2 Black Females. Contact Madeline for availability at or

December 9-11, 2005 ~~ In Winston-Salem, NC, Bonus was RWD both Friday and Saturday to major entries, and on Saturday he was reserve to Dapper who also was Winner's Dog and Best of Winners on Sunday!  Dapper now has three majors in the last four shows!!  What a weekend!!!


Dapper on left, and Bonus and Dapper together after the show...


December 4, 2005 ~~ Bonus is now pointed from the 12-18 class!!  Winners Dog and Best of Winners at Imperial Valley KC, judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman for his first two points!!

bonus bow

November 26, 2005 ~~ In her ring debut with a major entry, Halle wins the Bred By Exhibitor bitch class and then goes on to beat the boys to win Best Bred By Labrador, and Sporting Group IV!!  At the same show, Diva was second in a large Open Bitch class!


November 25, 2005 ~~ Bonus wins his Sweepstakes (12-15 month) and Regular (12-18 month) classes at his first Specialty, Papago LRC, judges Kim Jacobson and David Flanigan 


November 19, 2005~~ Diva earns a 3 point major under breeder-judge Liz Muthard at Fort Bend KC, owner-handled!!!


November 13, 2005~~ Easy earns his Working Certificate, and OFA delivers good news for his kids Dapper and Luxy-- OFA Hips and Elbows clear on both!!  And Luxy's hips are Excellent!!!  


October 28-30, 2005~~ At the Greater Atlanta LRC's supported entry in Atlanta, Georgia, Bonus was Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes under Marion Daniel (Mar-Moye) and Dapper was Winner's Dog under Roy Cone (Waterbound) for his first major!!!  Thank you, Amy, for handling him so well!!


October 16, 2005~~ O goes BOB and Aria picks up another WB/BOW at the Tyler Texas Kennel Club!


Olé's son George came to the show to cheer on his daddy... there's a lot of similarities between the growing George and daddy-- not to mention, neither have tails (HA!)!


October 1, 2005~~ O is Best Veteran in Sweepstakes at Greater Denver LRC under Traci Stinctzum (Foxhill Labradors) and he won the Veteran class and made the final cuts in Breed both days.


October 2, 2005~~ In Atlanta, Bonus goes Reserve Winner's Dog from 9-12 month puppy class for the fourth time in the last 3 weeks-- this time under Michael Faulkner.


In Dallas, Aria competed in her first agility trial and she qualified in Jumpers and Weaves both days with a perfect score of 100 one day, earning first place, and a score of 99 and third place the second!!  On the standard course, she qualified one day with a perfect score of 100 and second place!!  Not bad for a first weekend for both Aria and her handler!!  Next trial isn't until Thanksgiving weekend!


September 11, 2005~~ Olé and Maisie visit Olé's 3 month old kids in Texas, 'George' and 'Xanthe'.  

George thought he had two new chew toys at first... and once they wore him down, the three blacks rested a little:



September 3, 2005 ~ New pictures of Dapper taken this weekend.  He's maturing into a nice boy and will be hitting the show scene this fall once all his coat is back on!!


August 27-28, 2005 ~ In Atlanta, Georgia at just over 10 months of age, Bonus went Reserve Winner's Dog to a Major under Jackie Hungerland!!  Congrats to Patti and Bonus!! 


August 5, 2005 ~~~  One of Olé's young pups at 4 weeks of age:


July 30-31, 2005 ~~~ Aria takes RWB from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class both days at  Longview Kennel Club and Olé finishes his American Championship under Frank Washabaugh by going WD/BOW/BOB over a special, and Group IV on July 31, 2005!!!


July 29, 2005 ~~~ Dapper and Bonus both placed second in their respective classes (Open Black and 9-12 puppy) with a major entry at Greenville Kennel Club in South Carolina, judge Roy Cone (Waterbound Labradors).  Bonus won his 9-12 month puppy class the following day, and placed second on the third day!!


July 24, 2005 ~~~ Ocelebrates his seventh birthday...


July 23, 2005 ~~~ Olé's Texan litter is 6 weeks old...


July 9, 2005 ~~~ Olé's Texan litter is 4 weeks old, so we decided to put them on the table for a preview of what's to come!  

Here are some of the pups--  Miss Hot Pink, and Miss Red--updated pictures to follow!!



July 1, 2005 ~~ More Opups on the ground in California... four babies out of Bidwell Fiesta's Torta di Ceci, JH: 2 Yellow dogs, 1 Black dog and 1 Black bitch.  Ceci and her babies are doing well and are pictured below at 10 days of age...


June 28, 2005 ~~~ Aria has been in agility class preparing for competition this fall... see her page for pictures of her at class!


June 6, 2005 ~~~ Olé's first Texan pups arrived today out of a Balrion Ring Around the World daughter!!  She whelped two yellow bitches, three black bitches and four black dogs!  Congrats to "Paighton" on a job well done!!


May 22, 2005~~~ With no training whatsoever, Oand Diva attended the Heart of Texas Working Certificate test on May 22nd in one-hundred degree heat and were two of four to pass and earn their WCs!!


Diva with one of her ducks on land, and O with one of his in the water!!

May 14-15, 2005 ~~~ Olé went Reserve Winners Dog on the first day at Denton Kennel Club, and then Winner's Dog on the second day under Jane Roppolo for two more points!!  Only one more to go... 

May 2, 2005 ~~~  Olé's  first puppies in the US were born today, out of a Ch. Raintree Slippery When Wet daughter!!  Congrats to "Jewel" and her big puppies-- 2 black bitches weighing 19 ounces and 1 black dog weighing 20 ounces at birth!!


 Olé's first US born son-- pictured at 6 weeks of age!!

April 30, 2005 ~~~  Olé and Carrie flew out to Southern California to visit with old friends, and enjoy the good weather at LRCSC's Specialty Show... Olé went Reserve Winner's Dog under Richard Wiles (Richbourne-UK)!

April 15, 2005 ~~~  Olé and Carrie (with Easy along for the ride) drove out to Frederick, MD for the 30th Annual LRCP show.  He made the final cut out of 33 in Open Black under Heather Wiles-Fone (Heatherbourne-UK)! 

Thanks to Patti Simmons for this across-the-ring picture of me and Olé:

March 23, 2005 ~~~  Olé picked up another 5 point major and went Winner's Dog, Best of Winner's, and Best in Specialty Show under Betty Graham (Graemoor) in our own backyard at DFWLRC!!  Reserve Winner's Dog went to Easy's nephew, JanLon's Light My Fire, "Striker" who then went BOB the next two days and took a Group 1 along the way!  Congrats, Jan and Striker!!

March 5-6, 2005 ~~~  Olé picked up another point each day at Faith City KC under Anna Wanner and James White and Aria earned her first point under James White by going WB from the 12-18 month bitch class!!

February 26-27, 2005 ~~~ Olé and Carrie (with Dapper, Easy, Gussie and Halle along for the ride) drove to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Carrie's aunt and uncle and attend the Greater Atlanta LRC Specialty.  On the first day, under Margaret Litherland (Oakhouse), Olé  won the Open Black class.  On the second day, under Virigina Lyne, Olé earned his first American Champion points and major by winning Open Black, Winner's Dog and Best of Winners for 5 points!!


Carrie and Ole in the ring and taking the BOW picture






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