Occasionally, I get asked which books I recommend for various aspects of Labrador life!  I've included links to Amazon.com for several books that I recommend.  If you own a Labrador, or are thinking of owning a Labrador, the New York Times Best Seller Marley & Me is a must-read! 

If you're considering a puppy, or are on my puppy-buyers list, there are some great books that will prepare you for your new addition. I own all of the books on this page and am happy to let visitors flip through them prior to purchase.  If I had to pick just two books for prospective buyers to read, they'd be How To Raise a Puppy You Can Live With and Good Owners, Great Dogs. 


The Monks of New Skete have several books based off their experiences raising German Shepherds, but principles are the same for any breed!


There are a lot of general books about Labradors, many of which are written by Labrador Breeders and contain pictures of dogs that are in the pedigrees of my dogs:


If you are new to showing and are looking for books to help teach you the ropes, these are some good recommendations:


If you'd like to see how we choose and raise puppies, these books help explain structure and temperament of puppies


And finally, if you think breeding might be something that interests you, there are several "must reads" including the following:


Publications for Labrador exhibitors/enthusiasts:

The Labrador Quarterly: Articles and advertisements for breeders/exhibitors of Labradors, as well as Lab owners

International Labrador Newsletter: An international publication with articles on current topics on Labrador health and breeding

Julie Brown's Directory: A bi-annually produced publication of all stud dog advertisements.